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Alaska Military Checking is Here!

We're pleased to announce the creation of a new type of checking account, designed specifically for Alaska's active duty and retired military members: Alaska Military Checking.

Have your military pay or retirement check directly deposited in the new Alaska Military Checking account — there's no minimum deposit required to open the account — and you'll enjoy services like:

  • free safe deposit box
  • no-fee money orders
  • free online banking
  • unlimited check writing
  • free FNBA debit card
  • no annual fee MasterCard (must qualify)
  • free savings account overdraft protection
  • ...and more!
Military MYCard

Plus, when you sign up for your Alaska Military Checking account, you'll receive a coupon good for up to $500 off the closing cost of an approved mortgage loan at First National Bank Alaska.

Be sure to visit our new location on JBER!

North Star Branch

5850 Westover Avenue
JBER, AK 99506-1603

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