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Brendyn Shiflea

Relationship Manager, Kenai


Brendyn Shiflea is passionate about making customers feel at home when he welcomes them to First National.

"A lot of times, it can be somewhat awkward or nerve-racking for a person coming into a bank, especially when they want to borrow money or are in need," Shiflea said. "A friendly, understanding and knowledgeable banker can quickly take the awkwardness out of the situation and make the customer feel that much more comfortable."

Shiflea prides himself in being that kind of banker.

"I'm able to learn about different people, business and industries," he said. "I can really help individuals and businesses reach their dreams, whether buying a new car or reaching $2 million in sales."

Born and raised in Alaska, Shiflea enjoys playing rugby, fishing, hunting, hiking, skiing and spending time with his wife and dogs.

Contact Information

Kenai Branch

11408 Kenai Spur Hwy
Kenai, Alaska 99611-7799

Direct: 907-283-6801
Email: BShiflea [at] FNBAlaska [dot] com

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