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Financial calculators

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Sales Volume Breakeven

This calculator demonstrates how many units of your product must be sold to make a profit.
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Inventory Analysis

This calculator helps you determine how much inventory you should hold, and when you should place inventory orders. The calculation attempts to keep your inventory level as efficient as possible, while maintaining adequate safety stock.
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Cash Flow Calculator

Use this calculator to help you determine the cash flow generated by your business. If you run out of available cash, you run the risk of not being able to meet your current obligations such as your payroll, accounts payable and loan payments.
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Working Capital Needs

Even very profitable businesses can run into trouble if they lose the ability to meet their short term obligations. The calculator assists you in determining working capital needs for the next year.
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Business Valuation

This calculator generates a Net Present Value (NPV) of your business, a calculation of how much your future cash flow is worth today.
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