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Escrow services

Easy for you, easy for them.

No two customers are alike. No two transactions are alike. And nobody is more keenly aware of this than the escrow services team at First National.

Escrow accounts

An escrow account makes sense for many types of transactions including:

  • Owner-financed real estate sales
  • Installment sales of personal property
  • Sales on credit of businesses or business property
  • Divorce settlements
  • Loans between family members

Escrow collection

First National can act as a bookkeeping agent for the processing of installment payments. Anyone paying or receiving funds can simplify collecting by taking advantage of our services.

From hospitals and health care professionals to boroughs and leasing agents, we make collecting simple.

Simple is good

With numerous payment plan and disbursement arrangement options, whatever the type of transaction, we make it easier for both payer and payee.

Contact us for additional information and current escrow options for your business.

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