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Mark Anderson

Relationship Manager, Kodiak


Mark Anderson’s approach to banking is mirrored by one of his favorite hobbies – building.

Whether he’s constructing book cases or garage extensions, Anderson knows the value of putting in hard work and making sure that every step is done correctly to get the best finished product possible. The same can be said for his approach to finding the best banking solutions for customers.

“I try to visit each customer's place of business regularly, and I ask a lot of questions,” Anderson said.

Anderson began his banking career in 1992, learning the ropes of the bank as a management trainee before moving to Seward to take the branch manager position five months later. In 1998, he transferred to Kodiak Branch to fill the branch manager position. And he’s been helping customers in the island community ever since.

Anderson is an active part of the Kodiak community outside of work as well, sitting as the Kodiak chamber of Commerce’s Economic Development Committee chair. He sits on the board for the Senior Citizen’s Endowment Fund and participates in the local chapter of Rotary International.

Contact Information

Kodiak Branch

218 Center Avenue
Kodiak, Alaska 99615-2517

Direct: 907-486-7950 
Email: MAnderson [at] FNBAlaska [dot] com

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