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Matt Thon

Cash Management Specialist, Statewide

Matt Thon


Matt Thon believes in being a trusted banker without the aid of any kind of magic.

“No smoke and mirrors,” Thon said. “You must always be completely open with your customer and make sure they fully understand what services you’re offering them.

“Developing open communication lines is key, and staying up to date with every business we work with is a top priority.”

Thon has learned a lot in the few years he’s worked at First National, first as a Personal Banker at the Dimond Branch and now as a statewide Cash Management Services Specialist. He concentrates on your business and makes sure your monetary needs are met on a daily basis.

“I’ll stay on the ball so you can tend to the needs of your company,” Thon said.

A member of the Anchorage East Rotary, Thon has also connected with the community by helping coach Eagle River High School’s boys basketball team. He’s an avid hunter and fisherman as well.

“You can’t ask for much more than the opportunities we find here in this wonderful state,” Thon said.

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Email: MThon [at] FNBAlaska [dot] com

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