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Milanna Shear

Loan Officer, Bethel


Milanna Shear arrived at First National Bank Alaska’s Kuskokwim Branch in Bethel eager to see and explore a region of the state steeped in culture and tradition.

“I can’t wait to go to my first Cama-i Dance Festival or see a great basketball game in Bethel or one of the surrounding villages,” Milanna said. “Being part of the community is important to me.”

Shear brings more than 20 years of banking experience to the Kuskokwim Branch. She last worked as a Branch Manager and lender at a small community bank in northwestern Montana. A mother of six, she’s been active in her local Chamber of Commerce, helped run blood drives for the Red Cross and served on boards of local hospitals and community development organizations.

“At First National, I’ll do whatever I can to provide a positive place for our customers so we can take care of their personal and business banking needs,” Milanna said. “Each one of our customers must know they’re valuable to the bank and we must take the time to get to know them.”

Contact Information

Kuskokwim Branch

700 Front Street
Bethel, Alaska 99559-0286

Direct: 907-543-7658
Email: MShear [at] FNBAlaska [dot] com

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