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90 Years in Alaska: 1922 - 2012

First National Bank Alaska isn't known for making too much noise, especially about itself. But as our community bank celebrates our 90th anniversary, we thought we'd share a little about how First National adds value to the communities we serve.

Consider that in some past years alone we:

  • paid $22 million in taxes,
  • provided jobs for some 688 of your Alaska neighbors,
  • paid out more than $27 million to Alaska vendors for goods and services,
  • donated some $1 million to Alaska charities and not-for-profits.

Multiply that kind of annual value by 90 years...well, yes, it adds up to something special.

Read about:

The breadth and depth of banking expertise First National's senior management team offers Alaskans

includes not only the unique experiences of professional bankers, but of local Alaskans living and working in the communities they serve. This Alaskan team includes business owners, miners, construction workers, oil field workers, professional communicators and lawyers. They each have deep roots in the communities where they work, raise families and own homes, working shoulder to shoulder with Alaskans helping to fuel the vitality of the Last Frontier.

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