Bill Pay

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A few important facts for Bill Pay users:

  • Most payments made to large businesses (e.g., utilities, credit card payments, etc.) will go via ACH (electronic payments).
  • Customers may notice some payments are made by paper checks sent out via the mail system.* Please remember to schedule payments to allow for mail delivery.
  • While logged into Bill Pay, please review your billers, biller addresses and recurring payments to ensure information is up-to-date and accurate.
  • The bank highly recommends that only one enrollment is established for Personal Bill Pay per online account. This will help avoid duplicate payments and charges.

* The "Pay Date" is the date the payer can expect the payment to be received by the payee. One indicator that a mailed paper check may be used is to note the earliest available "Pay Date" for that biller. For instance, customers may note that the earliest available "Pay Date" to some billers will be on the same or next day, while the earliest available "Pay Dates" for other billers will be several days out.

Click here to read the Terms and Conditions for the new Bill Pay for personal and business accounts.