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Nov 04, 2009

Cell phone scam targets debit card customers

First National employees and customers in Sitka and Valdez report receiving automated voice mails and texts on their cell phones, informing them their debit cards have been "updated" or have been "restricted for security purposes" and will no longer work UNLESS information is provided. The unknown automated caller asks the customer to please contact the security department or "press 1 to be connected to the security department." Unfortunately, some bank customers responded as requested and have now compromised their information.

Employees report the information requested in the fraudulent call includes name, address (both physical and mailing), debit card number and PIN.

It is important to be aware this type of scam is ongoing and is hitting close to home. Customers should NEVER give out personal information over the phone unless they initiate the call. Alaskans who believe their information has been compromised by a fraudster should immediately contact their bank.

Established in 1922, First National is Alaskas largest Alaskan-owned and operated bank, with ATMs and 30 branches in 18 communities throughout Alaska. More information about First National is available at


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