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Apr 04, 2002

First National Bank unveils ImageCache CD service

First National Bank Alaska now gives customers the option to receive their statements and check images as computer files on CD-ROM discs.

Available to all checking account customers, the new ImageCache CD service is most useful for businesses and other account holders with high transaction volumes. CD-ROMs, each of which can hold 32,000 check images, will help reduce paperwork for customers. And, to store their CD-ROMs, ImageCache CD customers receive a handsome CD storage binder at no extra charge.

The new service is designed to meet the needs of nearly every customer. In addition to check images, customers can ask to have the CD-ROM include images of both credit slips and the actual items deposited. The software needed to view the images is included on the CD-ROM, so customers dont need to buy additional software to use the ImageCache CD service. And the discs are password-protected for customers security.

Using a similar service, First National can supply Lockbox customers with CD images of all the incoming items the bank processes on their behalf, allowing the customers to efficiently conduct their own research and respond quickly to
inquiries from their customers.

Established in 1922, First National is Alaskas largest Alaskan-owned bank, with 27 branches throughout the state and ATMs in 17 rural communities.


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