Electronic Statements Optimizing time and resources and staying organized are key components to any work environment, whether aboard a commercial fishing vessel or running a business in town. One way to keep your business and personal bank accounts in secure and convenient order is by converting from monthly mailed paper statements to electronic statements. An e-Statement delivered through online banking or email is far more secure than a mailed statement waiting for you in an unlocked mailbox. Those who prefer the feel of printed paper in their hands should take note. The mailed statement is often a riskier proposition with regard to exposing personal information to identity thieves. What's more, an e-Statement can just as easily be printed out through online banking using a business or personal computer. Don't forget the environmental impact, either. When viewed only online, e-Statements save paper.

Enroll to receive e-Statements

You must first be enrolled to bank online and have a current access ID and password to enroll for and view electronic statements.
If you're already enrolled for online banking, here's how to sign up for e-Statements:

  • Login to BankNow! Online
  • Click the "Bill Pay & Other Services" button found at the bottom of the "List Accounts" page
  • Click the "Enroll for e-Statements" button
  • Read and accept the Electronic Statement Agreement
  • On the next screen, enter personal information as requested and click "Submit"

It's as simple as that. Your checking account e-Statement will be available as soon as your next statement cycle. Depending on your statement cycle, you may receive one more paper statement.

To view your e-Statement using BankNow! Online:

  • The bank will send, to your email address of record, a courtesy email notifying your statement is available.
  • To access your statement, simply login to BankNow! Online, select your account and click on the "Documents" button.
  • Click on "checking account statements" link.
  • Your Electronic Statement may be viewed using Adobe Acrobat 4.0 or higher.
  • If you need help reconciling your statement, download our easy-to-use Reconciliation Form (1.3 MB PDF) and follow the simple directions.

Electronic statements for business banking accounts. Same benefits, a different sign-up process

You and your business can enjoy all the safety and convenience of electronic statements. The story in this issue of First National Bank Alaska's Business Advantage Newsletter went to press before we realized we'd inadvertently published only the e-Statement enrollment steps forpersonal accounts.

Here's how to sign up your business accounts for Business Essential Online and e-Statements:

If you have a business checking or savings account, loan, or certificate of deposit at First National Bank, simply complete an Agreement and an Authorization and return both completed forms to your local branch or mail to the address listed on the form. Make sure to mark Electronic Statements as "allowed".

The forms can be found at FNBAlaska.com/209.cfm

Within three to five days of receiving your completed agreement and authorization forms, First National will mail initial account access IDs and temporary passwords for authorized users, along with instructions for first-time login, to the address listed on the authorization form.

For you and your business' protection, all authorized users will be prompted to change their access IDs and passwords to ones of their own choosing.

Once logged in, you?ll find a "Sign up for e-Documents" button on the lower left-hand corner on the Business Essential Online front page.

If you are already a Business Essential user, you may need to submit a new authorization form prior to the online enrollment to allow e-Statements.

Learn more about Business Essential Online and e-Statements by emailing Customer.Service@FNBAlaska.com or calling 777-4FNB (4362) in Anchorage and Eagle River or 1-800-856-4FNB in other communities.

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