Wealth-building options

Model Portfolios at First National's Trust Department

Consider it a respected history within First National Bank Alaska's remarkable history. The bank's Trust Department has been a trusted pillar of the organization for more than half of First National's 90 years. Our customers and clients have learned to count on us and our intelligent, conservative approach to investment, Trust Manager Bob Tannahill said. "We have a long-standing system in place, one that helps build wealth." Along those lines, First National's Trust Department offers The Model Portfolios: Efficient Frontier Series. The experienced officers on the bank's Trust Committee chose this unique series of portfolios with an eye toward total returns to the customer. The Efficient Frontier Series calls for a long-term investment of at least five years. It presents the customer the opportunity to take disposable investment monies, presumably from savings accounts, and then invest in a balanced combination of stock and bond mutual funds.

Efficient Frontier investing approach

The model portfolios offered by the Efficient Frontier Series follow these principles:
  • Don't try to beat the market
  • Capture market rates of return
  • Exclude certain groups of stocks with heightened risk or inefficiency
  • Minimize trading costs
  • The vast majority of a portfolio's performance is determined by asset class selection and only a small portion by market timing or security selection. Trust Department experts work with individuals, organizations, small businesses and non-profit corporations. In consultation with First National trust experts, you'll customize your portfolio by determining your time horizon, tolerance for risk and whether you need income of liquidity.

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