Jean McKnight

Vice President, Anchorage

Banking on one of her favorite hobbies, Jean McKnight occasionally takes customers out to shoot sporting clays at a local range.

"I'm not much of a shot," McKnight said. "But it's been a fun activity to have in common with clients and to share with them."

McKnight is an avid outdoorswoman and once upon a time competed in a women's shooting league.

As a Vice President and corporate lender since 2003, McKnight has taken aim at helping First National Bank Alaska business customers succeed. She possesses more than 30 years of banking knowledge in total and came to Alaska from Oregon in 1986.

"I take great pride in teaming up with my clients and doing whatever we can to help their businesses grow," McKnight said. "Whether it's taking them out to the shooting range or to lunch, nothing is better than spending time with customers and getting to know them and their work better."

McKnight's customers take her warm and friendly nature to heart.

"She really cares," said Mary Klebs of Klebs Mechanical, Inc. "It's more than a business relationship."

Having lived in Alaska for more than 25 years, McKnight is inspired by First National's local ownership and 90-year-plus history of helping build the state. Alaskans helping other Alaskans is one of her favorite things about working for the bank.

"We understand Alaska is unique and that its infrastructure is still growing," McKnight said. "Business decisions–banking and otherwise–are different than in many other places around the country."

McKnight was born and raised in southeastern Washington. She graduated from Oregon State University and began her banking career as management trainee, then a corporate lender at one of Oregon's largest commercial banks. She's spent a great deal of her professional time in Alaska working with numerous Alaska Native corporations and entities.

Besides shooting sporting clays, McKnight also enjoys gardening, hiking, Alpine and Nordic skiing.

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