Nicole Bendle

Personal Banker, Wasilla

Much like Health Quest Therapys Shain and Nisa ZumBrunnen wanted nothing more than to return to Alaska to run a business and raise a family, First National Bank Alaska Personal Banker Nicole Bendle always finds a way to get back to the Last Frontier.

I do enjoy traveling, Bendle said. Im not afraid to get out of Alaska and explore whats out there, but I cant wait to get back. Alaska is home. Its family.

A fixture at First Nationals Wasilla Branch since 2005, Bendle helps build relationships with customers and finds the right solutions for their financial needs. Its all about knowledge, a genuine interest in their success and providing excellent service.

You try to find some commonalities between you and the customer, Bendle said. You then learn about their business, what it takes to make things run smoothly and suggest services that will serve as solutions to their business challenges.

Bendle wants her customers to view her as something more than just another person at their bank.

It goes beyond banking, she said. You strive to build a trust, be someone they can go to for just about anything. If they need the services of a CPA or have insurance questions, you want to be there to help direct them to available resources.

Bendle stays connected to her customers by scheduling regular appointments and making occasional unscheduled visits to businesses just to see how things are going firsthand.

Even if I just drop in from time to time, we still set regular appointments, Bendle said. We sit down and look at where the business is at today and where the customers would like it to go in the next two to three years.

Based on what we discuss, I can better offer new or existing services. Whether its lending, corporate credit cards, lockbox services or whatever, its my job to take care of our customers every need.

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