Mike Scott

Loan Officer, Anchorage

Mike Scott arrived at First National Bank Alaska more than five years ago and immediately began increasing his knowledge of the financial industry.

Born and bred in Anchorage and a Dimond High graduate, Scott escalated through the bank’s ranks. After successfully working through First National’s Management Associate program, he was named Mortgage Loan Officer in 2011 and took on multi-family mortgage loan responsibilities in late 2012.

A multi-family mortgage, like the kind customer Tyler Scott needed to purchase his 29-unit apartment complex last year, focuses on properties with five or more units.

“A large portion of our client base has the need for both types of financing (single- and multi-family) as they diversify their real estate portfolios,” Mike Scott said. “Multi-family loans are considered more commercial and analysis is more focused on the specific property, the income it can generate and if it can be self sustaining.”

Scott’s supervisors have learned to count on him as a technologically-savvy self starter who knows how to find the best loan options to meet a customer’s needs. Buying homes or larger properties can be daunting and emotional. Scott excels at helping taking the edge off.

“Our customers are loyal and smart,” Scott said. “They expect the bank’s long-standing promise of value-added service. It’s my job to know all of the ins and outs of the loan process while educating the customer on everything he or she needs to know.”

Scott holds a bachelor’s degree in Commercial Banking from the University of Alabama and has remained a diehard fan of the Crimson Tide football team. Time away from work often finds him playing soccer either outdoors or indoors depending on the season.

“At work, I’ve learned First National is a great place to be,” Scott said. “We have very close-knit employees and every day brings potential with new, exciting challenges. The daily experience really never gets old.”

Working closely with customers is Scott’s favorite part of his job. Whether it’s sitting across from a customer at an office table or meeting them at the property they’re pursuing, the pleasure is all his.

Contact him today at mscott@FNBAlaska.com or 907-777-5622.

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