Sonja Hursh

Operations Supervisor, Valdez

For more than 20 years, Valdez’s Sonja Hursh has successfully woven herself into the fabric of First National Bank Alaska and her hometown community.

“I started at the bank fresh out of high school, and it’s allowed me a real personal relationship with our customers,” Hursh said. “I see them out and about everywhere in town.”

Hursh runs in local races with those neighborly customers. She attends the same board meetings and picks up her children from the same schools.

“If you work for the bank here in Valdez, you represent it in just about everything you do,” Hursh said. “You learn to really appreciate the way you can help people in and out of the bank, any time of day.

“No matter where we are when we’re asked questions, First National bankers will do their best to provide the answers.”

Hursh started at the bank as a seasonal teller in early 1994 and immediately showed a dedication to her customers. As she learned about the industry, she gained more responsibility. Hursh has helped run the Valdez Branch as its Operations Supervisor since 2006.

“Nothing gives me more gratification than finding a product or service that makes a customer’s life a little easier or helps their business run more efficiently,” Hursh said.

One of the newest ways for Hursh to help her business customers is with Clover™, a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system. She introduced Clover to Valdez’s Karen Able and The Fat Mermaid bar and restaurant, which has successfully used it since early March.

“Clover really helps the bank’s customers operate more smoothly with its wide array of options,” Hursh said. “It allows employees to clock in and out, tracks inventory and runs orders and payments among many other things.

“It’s sleek and technologically advanced. Clover offers a lot of convenience to our customers using the system. I’m glad to know Karen and The Fat Mermaid have put it to good use.”

The Valdez Branch isn’t too far from the restaurant, so Hursh is able to regularly check on all the benefits Clover is providing Able.

“Just another example of how we at First National understand the needs of our fellow Alaskans because that’s who we are,” Hursh said. “We’re all committed to providing the best service and value to our customers and involved in our communities.” Hursh said.

Contact Hursh today at or 907-834-4804.

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