Julie Harkcom-Shorey

Operations Supervisor Healy

When Julie Harkcom-Shorey first heard First National Bank Alaska planned to open a first-of-its-kind branch in Healy, she felt almost destined to someday work there. I remember how excited I was that the bank was coming our way, said Shorey, the Healy Branchs Operations Supervisor. Working at a financial institution had always been something I wanted to do. To begin in 2008 as one of the Healy Branchs first tellers and to develop into my position today is extremely gratifying. Our little branch has really grown, and has become an asset to the community. But before that happened, Shorey worked for a seasonal company in Denali National Park. The remote location required the company to house a vault to deal with the monetary needs of numerous gift shops, restaurants, hotels and more than 800 employees. Shorey started as a vault teller and soon became the accounting manager. The seeds to her First National banking career were planted. Its fair to say, I learned a lot back then and have learned even more since the Healy Branch opened, Shorey said. Now I also teach employees about branch operations and help them to achieve the banks goals and objectives. Shorey and the rest of the Healy Branch employees have gotten to know their neighbors rather well through the years. Denali Dome Home Bed and Breakfasts Ann and Terry Miller are right next door and make daily visits to the branch. The Millers welcome guests from around the world year around, treat them as family and offer a unique dose of Alaska charm, Shorey said. We live in a small town and Ann and Terry really welcomed the bank into the community. They can always be counted on to pitch in when needed and are really the kind of people First National is be proud to serve. As for Shorey, she enjoys fishing and camping with her husband and three children as well as entertaining family from Outside. Shes active in the Healy Hockey Association and spends ample time watching her kids play the game. But shes also known to tie up the skates and play a little herself. Traveling around the state to watch or sometimes play hockey is one of my favorite things to do, Shorey said. But I also enjoy seeing our vibrant community and customers like the Millers continue to grow. Its a pleasure to do everything I can to help meet our neighbors financial needs. Thats what First National is all about. Contact Shorey today at jshorey@FNBAlaska.com or 907-683-7751.
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