Jenny Mahlen

Vice President/Loan Officer, Fairbanks

When Vice President Jenny Mahlen reached 20 years at First National Bank Alaska, the veteran Loan Officer couldnt help but think back to the beginning. Getting into the financial industry and finding meaningful work was something of a catch-22 situation, Mahlen said. You needed experience to get hired, but you cant get the experience without being hired. Mahlen is a First National Management Associate program success story. She first began working at the bank in 1989, and eventually entered the Management Associate program. Program participants gain valuable knowledge and experience, travel to locations around Alaska and learn to help customers achieve their financial goals. The program gave me the experience I needed, she said. Early on, studying and getting to know bank operations in all areas set me up with an internal network of contacts. After all these years, Im still learning and the knowledge gained from my coworkers remains valuable. Today, Mahlen is one of First Nationals many local experts in all aspects of commercial and consumer lending. Taking the time to get to know people and allowing them to get to know you are keys to creating meaningful relationships, Mahlen said. Knowledge is key and the more we know about one another, the more we can help one another. As a long-time banking expert, Mahlen has helped train First Nationals future bankers in the Management Associate program. Im able to demonstrate to those new employees how meaningful it can be to help Alaskans who are passionate about their businesses meet their goals, Mahlen said. Its really something Im proud to say I do for a living, and do for a great company. Prior to recent first-time motherhood, Mahlen was an avid runner including the famed Boston Marathon, twice. You need dedication and commitment if youre going to be a serious runner, Mahlen said. Those are two traits we also rely on at the bank. When a customer comes to see us, we make sure to do everything we can to get them what they want and need. Mahlens one-time passion for running showed in her devotion to various running activities in Fairbanks. She served multiple years on the board of directors for Running Club North and regularly volunteered at local high school track meets. Mahlen loves Fairbanks, and loves all shes accomplished in her time at First National. Ive learned so much about banking, people and our community, she said. The people of Fairbanks take great pride in working with their neighbors. I include myself among them. Contact Mahlen today at or 907-459-7121.
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