A Seamless Start

Seamless Contracting, LLC grows family business with help from First National Bank Alaska

Mitchell Twogood found his calling early. Yet, in a lot of ways, hes just starting down his entrepreneurial trail and First National Bank Alaska is right there beside him. Twogood and his wife Rianna have owned and operated Seamless Contracting, LLC in Fairbanks for the last five years. They provide customers with high-quality seamless steel siding, seamless gutters and custom trim fabrication. The fascination with working with metals began a little more than a decade ago for Twogood. In school or out, he had his hands on various projects and there was no turning back. Metal work was always something I enjoyed, something I was good at doing, Mitchell said. As I got more involved and learned more about the work, I realized there was real demand in the Fairbanks area. Building and construction runs in Twogoods family. Hes followed in the footsteps of his grandfather, father and multiple uncles who have all prospered in the industry. Mitchell has a very good head on his shoulders, said First National Bank Alaska Vice President Jenny Mahlen. Hes one of the most organized professionals Ive come across. The first time I visited the shop, all the inventory was clearly marked and stored with easy access in mind. Its easy to see Mitchell and Rianna want to be entrepreneurs. Theyre willing to do what it takes.

Trail leads to First National

In the early stages of growing Seamless, the Twogoods poured themselves into the company. They purchased equipment and mapped out the kind of space it would take to grow the business. The plan called for finding and moving into a larger facility, one that included a storefront for customers in search of specific supplies. As we started building things up, we saw potential for higher production and brought on more products, Twogood said. Contractors and other customers want items that can be installed right away and we wanted to offer a massive inventory. Twogood needed a bank that would support his vision. I felt I had a pretty good personal relationship with the bankers I had been working with, Twogood said. I was going to find a way to build my business one way or the other, but they kept telling me I didnt have enough of a credit history. Through some back-and-forth referrals Twogood and Seamless found Mahlen and First National. The relationship quickly proved picture-perfect. Every other bank I talked to kept telling me it needed this, it needed that and weeks and weeks went by, Twogood said. With Jenny, we put a plan together and received outstanding personal service. She really impressed me by coming out and taking a tour of our operation. We didnt have to do everything over the phone. She came to us. She saw our assets. She saw what we wanted to do. Its that local touch and expertise that helped the bank pass the test for us.

Get the work done

With the proper First National financial assistance in place, the Twogoods worked diligently to purchase equipment and build on their ideas for the business. We realized Mitchell and Riannas potential and knew we wanted to work with them, Mahlen said. Since we first met, theyve given me nothing but confidence in their ability to keep growing their business. Today, the Twogoods are busier than ever. The company has grown from Mitchell and Rianna performing office duties on a part-time basis to eight employees working full-time hours. We didnt really advertise, Mitchell said. But we invested in the kind of new equipment that allowed for full production on most of our jobs. The rapid growth followed because we did good work. Your customers go away happy when you finish jobs on time and within budget. Offering customers solid service, value and convenience is something Seamless and First National have in common. No wonder the two businesses worked so well together. Its nice to know we can count on the bank, Twogood said. Business is good for the Twogoods, who married a little more than two years ago. They see more expansion on the horizon. As our business and our family each grow, well be able to tell our children and our friends about First National and the positive way it took care of us, Twogood said. There really is no reason to be shy about the valuable service the bank provided. Learn more about Seamless Contracting, LLC by visiting seamlessalaska.com.
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