Syl Fowlis

Syl Fowlis
Branch Manager

A fascination with animals nearly led Syl Fowlis to a career as a veterinarian. But a brother with an accounting background told him to crunch the numbers.

“I quickly realized how much you help others as a banker,” Fowlis said. “It’s clearly the best part of the job.” Fowlis was appointed Branch Manager at the Federal Branch in downtown Anchorage in April 2014.

Originally from Gambia, Fowlis has worked in banking for more than a decade with roles as a Teller, Personal Banker, Business Development Officer and Branch Manager.

“As a local bank, we strive daily to give our customers a great experience right where they live, work and play,” Fowlis said. “Whether recommending a service or introducing them to one of the bank’s loan experts, it’s our responsibility to build trust and build strong relationships.”

One of those strong relationships is the one Fowlis enjoys with Commercial Kitchen Solutions LLC’s David Sheffrey. Like so many other business professionals, the two got to know each other through Rotary, an international service club.

When Sheffrey started his company in 2012, he approached Fowlis about some of the business’ banking needs.

“Any time you call Syl or any other First National banker, you get a response right away,” Sheffrey said. “The expertise is always helpful.”

As Fowlis became familiar with Sheffrey’s ambition and business needs, he knew the bank’s BusinessManager® program would be a great fit. The program invoices customers and creates almost-immediate cash flow, thus eliminating much of the stress associated with getting paid on a regular basis.

BusinessManager allowed Commercial Kitchen Solutions to build its business quickly by taking on large jobs at the start. Sheffrey knew the cash flow would be there to make those jobs happen.

“It’s quite beneficial to have someone to trust like Syl,” Sheffrey said. “He took good care of us.” Fowlis earned a degree in finance from the University of Alaska Anchorage.

As his banking career moves along, the dedication to his customers only strengthens.

“First National is the one bank my fellow Alaskans can visit and be treated like friends and neighbors,” Fowlis said. “We make sure we get to know our customers and they get to know us. “The bank and I do everything we can to meet customers’ financial needs.”

Contact Fowlis (NMLS No. 1226706) today at or 907-777-4178.

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