Getting to Know You and Your Business

Building a strong relationship with a First National banking expert is key

When Kerry Romig considered moving Frontier Trading Post to a larger Seward location, she could have simply done some online research and kept the search for real estate and financing to herself.

But why go it alone?

Instead, Romig called on her nearby banking experts at First National Bank Alaska. Seward Branch Manager Karen Sefton offered the financial support and knowledge she needed to relocate her business to a larger facility and thrive.

Romig and Sefton built a relationship that went beyond banking. Bankers and customers getting to really know one another can be in everyone’s best interest. You may not need a loan immediately, but it’s nice to know you can count on your banking professional when the needs arise.

First National bankers are your go-to source for your business’s financial well-being. Connect with a local banking expert who will get you the right banking tool to help you manage your money:

  • Make your money work for you with tools like remote deposit capture, the right business checking and savings accounts, merchant services, escrow services and business debit cards.
  • Fuel your business with loans for acquisitions or business growth, Business Manager for businesses with slow-paying receivables or with MasterCard credit cards.
  • Meet your long-term investment goals with the help of experienced, trusted professionals.

Bankers need to understand everything about you and your business – the products and services you offer and the trends in your industry. What’s going on in your industry? Talking with your banker allows you to compare your needs with what is actually happening in the marketplace.

Personal character also plays role in relationship building. You need to know what kind of person your banker is, and vice versa.

Finding and trusting in a First National banking expert, one that listens and understands your goals and never pushes or pressures, should lead to a beneficial relationship for all involved.

Whatever the next level is in your business, there’s a good chance your local banker can help you get there. The more they know, the greater your chances for success.

To contact a local business banking expert, visit or call First National Bank Alaska at 777-4FNB (4362) or 1-800-856-4FNB (4362) from communities outside Anchorage.

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