First National’s merchant services help business run smoothly

In the three years since Dr. Robert Thomas opened ATP Medicine, LTD in its current location, the board-certified physician and avid pilot has prided himself in making the office a welcoming place for his fellow flyers.

Appointments or not, Thomas’ patients have regularly congregated at ATP to share stories about recent flights and just hang out.

“They talk flying, share photos and other wonderful imagery of the places they travel,” Thomas said. “We all have a similar passion for aviation.”

The pleasantries don’t end there.

ATP’s decision to team up with First National Bank Alaska to provide the best in merchant services has been a plus as well. From the Clover Mini cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system to flexible payment acceptance options, First National’s products and services and the banking experts behind them make Thomas’ work days run smoothly.

“First National and its banking experts like (Personal Banker) Quinn Anderson make everything so convenient for us,” Thomas said. “He is in tune with our business operations and is with us every step to help ensure that the bank’s merchant services are working properly for us.”

With the sleek, flexible payment terminal that is Clover Mini, ATP’s healthcare team efficiently manages cash flow and protects consumer financial data with best-in-class security and fraud protection.

Businesses, medical or otherwise, benefit regularly from Clover Mini and other First National merchant services. Companies can simplify management of employees, records and inventory with advanced software and specialized apps. Other features include set up of digital loyalty and rewards programs that can help develop new business and keep existing customers coming back.

Clover Mini can help grow your business more quickly by tapping into valuable insights about your customers. The cloud-based system allows you access from any device, whether or not there’s a doctor in the house or business office.

“Given the need to run a busy medical office efficiently, Clover Mini made perfect sense for Dr. Thomas and his staff,” Anderson said. “The hardware and software work to meet a wide variety of business needs.

“For Dr. Thomas and ATP, we were able to provide them with convenience and security not found in other credit card payment systems, and they’re enjoying all the advantages.”

Using Clover Mini allows the practice to accept and process any payment type the patient and insurer choose – major credit cards, PIN or signature debit, and checks as well as Health Benefit Cards.

“It’s important for us that every patient who walks through our door has a simple and seamless experience,” Thomas said.

Learn more about Merchant Services by calling First National Bank Alaska at 907-777-4362/1-800-856-4362 or visiting