Volume 4 Issue 1

Creating a new kind of community
You can tell there's something unique going on inside these art-covered walls. The menu is loaded with items like benedicts, brownies, beef, bacon, Boca and something called The Bob. The staff is friendly and relaxed, and they sometimes come to work in themed costumes just for fun. The art on the walls is created by local folks, and rotates monthly.

A tool no business should be without
A riddle: Who doesn't write checks, worry about tracking employee expenses, or need to keep cash around the office? Answer: A First National Bank Alaska MasterCard BusinessCard debit cardholder. First National BusinessCards are specifically designed with business owners in mind, especially those who need their employees to make occasional purchases.

Navigating the world of small business
Maybe you have an idea for a new business. Maybe you're ready to be your own boss. Maybe you've had your own business for several years and are ready to expand. But how are you going to get your ideas off the ground? With a wealth of information for potential and current small business owners, the Alaska Small Business Development Center can help you get your wings.

First National profile: Kim Frensley
If you visit the Main Branch in downtown Anchorage and don't see Kim Frensley, it doesn't mean she's not working. A big part of Frensley's job is walking around downtown and calling on local merchants. She visits current customers, and is always looking for potential customers.

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