A tool no business should be without

A tool no business should be without

A riddle: Who doesn't write checks, worry about tracking employee expenses, or need to keep cash around the office? Answer: A First National Bank Alaska MasterCard® BusinessCard™ debit cardholder. First National BusinessCards are specifically designed with business owners in mind, especially those who need their employees to make occasional purchases. Using this card can help you streamline your business by controlling and tracking your expenses and better maintaining your budget. You can issue these cards to employees, set with specific spending and cash withdrawal limits. Here are the features of First National's BusinessCard debit card: Pre-set daily limit. As the account owner, you set the daily purchase and cash withdrawal limits on each card you issue to your employees. You can also track all transactions online in real time. First National BusinessCards aren't credit cards. When you use your BusinessCard to purchase goods or services, purchase amounts are deducted directly from your checking account. You don't pay finance charges like you would with a credit card. And First National BusinessCards carry no monthly or annual fees. Online security. MasterCard SecureCode™ works like a Personal Identification Number (PIN) when making online purchases. Need cash? Use your card with your PIN to access your money 24 hours a day, seven days a week at ATM locations that display the Alaska Option® , MasterCard® , Maestro® or Cirrus® logos. BusinessCards give business owners all the advantages of regular debit cards, with the added ability to control and monitor employee spending. There are other benefits for business owners, too. Among them: MasterRental® provides insurance coverage for rented vehicles. Purchase Assurance® covers your purchase items against loss and theft for 90 days. Extended Warranty lengthens existing store and manufacturer warranties at no extra charge. MasterCard VAT Reclaim Service helps your company reclaim the value-added tax paid on business services purchased in the European Union. MasterCard Global Service® provides worldwide, 24-hour assistance with lost or stolen card reporting, emergency card replacement and emergency cash advances. Travel Assistance Services provide a wide range of services when you're traveling 50 miles or more away from home. Master RoadAssist® Roadside Service can come to the rescue if your vehicle breaks down on the road. And MasterLegal® Referral Service provides you with English-speaking legal referrals or consults with appropriate embassies and consulates.


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