Manage your incoming payments with ease

Manage your incoming payments with ease

FIrst National's cash management tools off convenience and security

A large number of incoming payments is surely a good thing for most businesses. But what happens when you end up spending too much time receiving and processing all those payments? First National's Lockbox and Image Cache services may be just the answer. Wholesale and Retail Lockbox
When you sign up for lockbox services, the bank does your receivable processing for you. Payments to you are sent with a remittance coupon to a specific post office box. The bank picks up the payments and processes them through an automated system, which records the information from the remittance coupon. The funds are then deposited to your account. There are many benefits to this service:

  • It's secure. Only the bank has access to your post office box.
  • Reduces mail float time.
  • Expedites collection of funds and reduces processing float.
  • Reduces posting errors to receivable accounts.
  • Flexible to meet your reporting needs.
Image Cache Used in conjunction with Lockbox services, Image Cache makes record keeping even easier. With Image Cache, your bank statements and front-and-back check images are provided on CD-ROM, which are produced to coincide with the statement cycle on your accounts. A separate CD is provided for each account, and one disc can hold up to 32,000 items. Images of physical credits and deposited items can also be provided. Image Cache means easier handling and storage for your records, and you can print and fax images if necessary. You can also conduct research quickly and efficiently--search software is included on each CD. For more information on these or any of First National's cash management tools, contact the Cash Management Services department at 777-4685, or toll free at 1-800-856-4FNB (4362).


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