'One-stop-shopping' for home health care

'One-stop-shopping' for home health care

Firefighting was not something Jerry Tanner planned on doing. But after studying to become a paramedic, he learned that in order to be a paramedic, he also had to be a firefighter. He decided to forgo both career paths. What may have seemed like a missed opportunity actually turned out to be the beginnings of Immediate Care, now co-owned by Tanner and Terry Greenier. After adjusting his career objective, Tanner became a health care coordinator, running his business from the basement of his Anchorage home. It quickly became apparent that there was a large need for quality, reliable home health care in Alaska. In response, Tanner opened his own agency, Immediate Care, in 1999. "Jerry's reputation and connections from his prior work in health care really drove the business's growth," Greenier said. "Word-of-mouth publicity was great." Today, Immediate Care offers a range of services including respite and chore services, personal care attendants, home health, hospice, veteran administration services and care coordination. Tanner and Greenier also recently opened I Care Pharmacy, which offers free deliveries for Immediate Care clients. "We're basically a one-stop shop for health care needs," Greenier said. Tanner and Greenier are widely known for their compassion and focus on quality customer service. This reputation has helped fuel phenomenal growth. Immediate Care now has offices in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Wasilla and Las Vegas, Nev. Despite such incredible growth, Tanner and Greenier ran into a problem-they could not find a bank that was able to give them the service they needed, and were eventually told by one bank that they were "unbankable." Tanner finally approached First National. "First National looked at what we're doing and put their trust in us," Greenier said. "Now we have those other banks coming to us and making offers-but First National was there for us when they weren't." To help manage the exponential growth of Immediate Care, Tanner and Greenier use many of First National's cash management tools, including BusinessLink and Bank Now! Online for Business. But Greenier emphasizes that it's not all about software, it's about the people, such as Business Development Officer Paula Rasmus-Dede. "The one tool we probably use the most is Paula," Greenier said. "Whatever we need, we can call her and it's done." Immediate Care also benefits from the convenience and reliability of direct deposit, lockbox services, and more. Tanner and Greenier are now working with Vice President Jay Page to purchase a new office building. "Before no one else would help us, and now Jay keeps us apprised of absolutely everything," Greenier said. "A new building will help us consolidate, and better manage future growth." With such growth, Tanner and Greenier are careful to be sure they maintain the same level of quality. They refuse to compromise any of their services in order to expand. This philosophy is another reason Tanner and Greenier enjoy working with First National. "We don't have to go through national levels, and we get a high level of customer service," Greenier said. "It's an Alaskan thing--it just makes sense."


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