Karl Heinz

Karl Heinz is a homegrown Alaskan. Being born and raised in the state, Heinz understands the importance of local service. When he had the chance to help open the Glennallen Branch in April 2006, he knew it was a great opportunity to give customers in a remote area access to local banking. The Glennallen Branch serves a very large area, said Heinz. The Copper River Valley is 3.5 million acres, more than twice the size of the state of Delaware. As the manager of a small branch, Heinz is responsible for everything from supervising tellers to lending to making sure the snow is shoveled at the branch. He has become a part of a community that bustles with tourism during the summer months. Working in a small community, I not only get to know customers on a first name basis, I also get to meet people from all over the world who are traveling through, said Heinz. It truly is at the crossroads of the Alaska Highway System. Being at the crossroads of Alaska has its advantages. But when it comes to banking, sometimes customers in rural areas dont have the same access to bank hours or services as those who live in the Anchorage area. Because of the logistics involved with transporting paper items for processing, any checks deposited after 3 p.m. would not make it to Anchorage until the following business day, said Heinz. Deposit Advantage allows business customers to continue scanning and depositing checks until 7 p.m. And soon, business customers wont be the only ones able to take advantage of the remote capture program. By August, each of the branches outside of Anchorage will have the ability to scan and send in checks electronically. With 29 branches throughout the state, it doesnt matter how far away the largest city is, Deposit Advantage gives customers across Alaska access to the largest locally owned bank that also ranks top in the nation for bank security and stability. Heinz says its a great way to ensure all Alaskans have access to top quality local service they can count on. Return to front page
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