Volume 6 Issue 3

RSA Engineering

The future is looking bright for RSA Engineering. With over 300 projects a year and no signs of slowing down, RSA is staying busy providing Alaska customers with high quality designs on schedule and on budget. RSA Engineering was founded in Alaska by Richard S. (Dick) Armstrong as a sole proprietorship in 1983 providing services to the North Slope Borough. After incorporating in 1986 with 11 employees, RSA has grown from one man's vision, to a 34-person operation focusing on cold climate design.

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Employer Advantage Checking

Experience tells us that rewarding employees can help ensure the success of your business. So, when you direct deposit their pay using Business Advantage Online, we help you reward employees by offering them a special checking account package that costs your business absolutely nothing.

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Keeping your business safe from keystroke logging

If any measure of your business relies on computers, then you need to know how to avoid keyloggers. Key-logging software records the keystrokes of a users keyboard. Today criminals are using keyloggers to spy on computer usage and compromise personal passwords and information.

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Corporate Loan Officer David Byrne

Alaskan David Byrne was born and raised in Anchorage Alaska. For a brief period in his youth Byrne found himself living in Washington State. Yet despite the distance, Byrnes passion for Alaska never allowed him to stay away long. He spent his summers and spring breaks in Alaska until he could move back to his home state. A graduate of the University of Alaska, Anchorage, Byrne has lived and worked all across Alaska in places like Bethel, Dillingham, Kodiak and Petersburg.
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