Keystroke Logging

Keeping your business safe from online theft

If any measure of your business relies on computers, then you need to know how to avoid keyloggers. Key-logging software records the keystrokes of a users keyboard. Today criminals are using keyloggers to spy on computer usage and compromise personal passwords and information. Key-logging programs invade computers the same way viruses do. It is important to keep your business computer secure with anti-virus and anti-spyware protection. To ensure your security software's effectivness, update it daily and perform full scans on your computer weekly. Finally, be careful to not open spam e-mail and only use a business computer for its intended purpose. Avoid sending personal e-mails, visiting chat rooms, instant messaging, file sharing, and playing games on work computers. These activities increase security risks. If you suspect your business computer has been compromised, turn off your computer and contact an expert who can help detect and remove problems.

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