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You trust First National to keep your business accounts safe, but who handles your investments, your excess operational funds, your financial legacy? With the multitude of investment options available today, selecting and managing the right options for your business and personal assets, may seem intimidating. First Nationals experts can provide you the services and direction you need to help you succeed. Choose which investments are best for your future with the Alaskans you know and trust. Corporate and business investments managed right here in Alaska Todays business environment demands efficient money management. Successful businesses maximize income earned on operating cash reserves and minimize risk. Now you can take a simpler approach to managing your cash, savings and investment assets with the local bank that already knows you and your business. First Nationals Alaska-based team provides a comprehensive wealth management approach, offering local service and the knowledge you need to plan for and manage your bigger financial picture. There are no hidden fees and no bank commission charges. Customer loyalty is rewarded with a tiered fee approach; the more money you invest, the lower the fee percentage you pay. Experts on our team specialize in investment management accounts, corporate cash reserve and long-range investment management as well as invested escrows. Achieve a greater impact with First Nationals trust management team: Trust is a commitment that lasts a lifetime. But First Nationals commitments last even longer. Our trust management professionals can administer a plan to give you peace of mind knowing your financial legacy will remain true to your wishes. While your will decides how assets are directed after you die, a trust allows you to privately determine when and to whom to distribute your property. Instead of handing your assets over in one lump sum, choose the amounts, recipients and time spans that your wealth will transfer to heirs. First Nationals trust department provides personal attention and professional expertise for the local administration of business and personal trusts, as well as sound investment management with minimal fees. We can work with your CPA or attorney to develop a personalized business continuation trust or generational trust to ensure your personal or business assets are directed to your preferred recipients. Manage your entire financial picture with the bank you trust Whether it's realizing your long-term investment goals or protecting your financial legacy, First National trust and investment professionals offer the local service and expert knowledge to cultivate and grow your bigger financial picture. To learn more about how a First National professional specializing in investment or trust management can help you reach your business or personal wealth goals, visit, or call 907-777-4560 in Anchorage, or 1-800-856-4362 in other communities.
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