Teri Simmons

Teri Simmons loves a good challenge. Thats why four years ago she and her husband decided to move from Colorado to Interior Alaska. Its also what drove her to move up the ranks to become a successful loan officer. So when she was asked to help open a new branch in Healy, she jumped at the chance. After all, shed already been through one branch opening with First National. My first day as a loan officer was when the Johansen Branch in Fairbanks opened, said Simmons. For about a year and a half Simmons researched the area at the gate to Denali National Park. She spent a lot of time scoping out possible branch locations in Healy and getting to know the residents in the Denali Borough in order to understand their banking needs. One of the biggest needs was just having a bank in the area. In the past everyone had to drive to Fairbanks or Anchorage to visit their bank. Simmons recently moved her family, including her two-year-old daughter to Healy. Now she is looking to establish connections with more of her customers in the community I love the community and the people. I enjoy working with our customers and establishing the relationship. Along with being the branch manager, Simmons is the branchs loan officer too. One of her areas of expertise is in commercial loans. Simmons says the key to making the lending process smooth is a good relationship between a customer and their banker. If you know your banker and have an established relationship, it is so much easier to get your banking needs serviced. Simmons says thats what its all about: helping a fellow Alaskan grow their business dreams. I love watching their business thrive and helping them succeed. Simmons says when she isnt having fun at work shes having fun with her husband and daughter. You can also find her outside enjoying the Last Frontier. Return to front page
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