Corporate MasterCard

The business world is only getting more competitive. The business that will survive and thrive is the one for which controlling expense is a key financial strategy. A powerful tool for the cost-cutting arsenal of any business, large or small, is the First National Corporate MasterCard. With a variety of features, the Corporate Card program can help you better manage the payment process from end to end, to streamline workflow and control expense. You get the flexibility you need to control expenditures while meeting the diverse purchasing needs of multiple employees. Online access to real-time data keeps you in touch with cash flow and acquisition patterns. You provide your employees with a tool to work more effectively, while determining:
  • limits on purchase amounts,
  • number of transactions,
  • types of supplier and other criteria.
How you can control costs
Cash Blocking - block cash transactions entirely or place specific limits on single, daily or total monthly cash transactions. Merchant Blocking - block transactions based on Merchant Category Code (MCC). Both MasterCard and Visa use universal category codes. Transaction Authorization - limit the dollar amount, number and type of purchases employees make with their corporate cards. Smart Data Online (SDOL) - This optional reporting tool is a global, web-based reporting application; the cutting-edge solution companies employ to better organize, consolidate, analyze and manage financial data from MasterCard Corporate Card programs. SDOL generates over 40 reports that help you track how and where money is being spent. Emergency Contact or Card Replacement - Notice of loss, theft or unauthorized use of card may be given by e-mail or by calling 24 hour Customer Service. Cards will be replaced approximately 7 to 10 days of notification. Additional Cardholders - You designate, on an application form supplied by your business and acceptable to FNBA, each person authorized to receive a card, a credit limit with respect to each person designated, and whether the person designated is entitled to cash advances and/or credit checks. Liability Insurance - MasterCoverage Liability Protection Program protects financial institutions and companies from employee misuse of charge privileges. The First National Corporate Card also offers a variety of options to make your card as individual as your company: Custom Corporate Card Design - First National Bank Alaska offers our custom corporate card that stands apart from our standard or gold card. Account Diversion - Divert individual cardholder transactions to a diversion account and set up as many diversion accounts as you choose. Corporate Liability - Enables some employees access to a credit card when the employee might not otherwise meet the credit criteria set by First National Bank Alaska. And with all this flexibility and control comes the bonus of customer service from Alaskans with local knowledge who know the challenges and opportunities of doing business in Alaska. Learn how to put this flexible, cost-cutting tool to work for you by calling our Card Lending experts at 777-4362 or 1-800-856-4FNB for communities outside Anchorage. Return to front page

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