Christine Newsome

Card Lending Manager

It may be pushing it a bit to say that First National Vice President Christine Newsome was born to be in banking. But she did have some natural dispositions that pointed her straight toward the financial industry. "I always enjoyed math classes in school. And my part-time jobs in high school were always in retail. I found out early that I really liked working with people and money." Newsome first came to Alaska in 1973. A few years later, she finished business school, then took her first banking job in Anchorage in 1978. Soon after, she and her Air Force husband were transferred Outside, where they lived for the next ten years. Now, 30 years into a banking career that has included jobs in a variety of areas, Newsome finds the things she values in her position as Card Lending Manager. "I really enjoy working in banking because it's constantly evolving and offering new challenges. And, here at First National, I have the privilege of working with a variety of interesting people, from our individual and business customers to bank employees." "In the Card Lending we offer two services much needed in the community: merchant services, which allow our business customers to accept credit cards and be paid quickly for their merchandise, and personal and business credit cards." Newsome said that by 2010, 90 percent of individuals who formerly paid by check or cash will use a credit card to make their purchases. That's why the flexibility and cost control offered by First National's Corporate MasterCard program will continue to be an important resource for the business community, Newsome predicted. A variety of Corporate Card features let business managers set any parameters they might need for individual employees. First National's technology and headquarters in Alaska allow the bank to serve corporate clients online or onsite. "That's the big advantage of being the local bank," said Newsome. When she's not helping clients find the most effective credit card program for their business, Newsome enjoys gardening, reading, and volunteering for a variety of community projects, including the Food Bank of Alaska. She and her husband have raised three children since returning to Alaska in 1989. Return to front page

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