Volume 8 Issue 2

Efficiency is the cat's meow in flat economy

Dr. Denali Lovely always knew she wanted a job that focused on animals. But it wasn't until she worked doing research and data collection on wildlife that she realized she wanted a more hands-on approach.
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Local service adds value to business banking relationship

From three convenient branch locations in the local area, First National Bank Alaska offers the perfect mix of banking services to help Fairbanks businesses grow and prosper.
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Christina Jensen - Loan Officer, Interior City Branch

Christina Jensen spent many summers in rural Alaska when she was a kid.

"My dad was a Bush pilot in Dillingham and my sister lived in Kodiak. I have some amazing memories of flying across rural Alaska in his Cessna 182," said Jensen.

Those memories drew her back to the Last Frontier five years ago.
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Alaska's economy is like a three-legged stool

Alaska's businesses and households are only as strong as the economy that supports them. Like a three-legged stool, it takes all three legs to support and sustain our economy.

For 20 years now, Alaska's prosperous and growing economy has enabled us to successfully operate private businesses. In today's uncertain times, it is essential that each Alaskan understand and actively support our economy -- the "three-legged stool" -- and learn what it will take to keep it strong.
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