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Does your business still cut paper checks to employees when payday rolls around? Why spend the time and resources when you can simply pay them with a phone call or the click of a button? First National Bank Alaska’s direct deposit payroll service allows you to electronically transfer funds from your business account to any employee account at any bank within the United States. What are your options? First National’s direct deposit payroll is available by phone or over the Internet. Business Link by Phone Access the service quickly and conveniently from any telephone connection. Business Online Banking Enjoy the added convenience of visually reviewing transactions online from anywhere with an Internet connection. What does direct deposit payroll offer your business? Convenience The set up is simple and the service is quick and easy to use. Cost effectiveness Don’t spend time or money printing actual checks and delivering them. Using direct deposit payroll you can transfer funds into employee accounts electronically, without the need to buy paper, envelopes or stamps. Customization Set up your direct deposit payroll service to work for you. You can adjust the level of access for numerous users, depending on their role in the payroll process. You may also set limits on the amount of money being paid during each payroll, a security measure to protect your business from accounting errors. Support When you sign up for direct deposit payroll, one of First National’s Cash Management Specialists will take the time to show you how to use the features in the program. If you have trouble at any time after the initial set up, First National’s helpful and friendly support technicians right here in Alaska are available to help Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Learn how to put direct deposit payroll to work for your business. Contact our Cash Management Specialists at 777-4685 or 1-800-856-4FNB for communities outside of Anchorage.

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