Bradley Reid

Bradley Reid and Associates has been helping Alaska businesses improve their image since 1968. Starting out as a broadcast advertising agency, Bradley Reid quickly transformed itself into one of the state's largest full service ad agencies. Today, the company prides itself on offering services that run the gamut for boosting businesses' impact, including advertising, public relations, branding and many other creative services.

"Our philosophy is to provide the best service to our clients. A lot of companies can provide a pretty ad, but great creative (material) has to have a purpose. We do a lot of research-based marketing in order to give our clients a product that helps meet their needs," said Debbie Reinwand, Bradley Reid co-president CEO.

Using the best resources

Reinwand says the overall success of Bradley Reid as a company is, in part, due to the quality staff at the agency.

"A good staff is the foundation of any good business. We have an excellent staff that works with us to make sure we are good marketing partners for our clients and to make sure we know as much or more about our clients' businesses as they do," said Reinwand.

The other element that puts Bradley Reid at the top of its game is the lasting quality of the relationships the company has with clients.

"Seventy percent of our client base has been with us for more than 10 years. I think that speaks volumes about the importance of relationships between our agency and our clients," said John Tracy, Bradley Reid co-president CEO.

Bringing the right ideas to the table

Building a relationship with clients starts with trust, says Tracy. He says Alaska businesses are looking for an agency with deep experience in the industry and in Alaska's unique economy as a whole - a hallmark strength of Bradley Reid.

"Debbie is the most experienced public relations person in the state, in my opinion. She has executive experience and experience in the journalism world. Her deep roots and extensive list of contacts can't be matched, and if you're a resource-based client, that's extremely important," said Tracy. "After 23 years in the broadcast business and so much time spent getting to know Alaskans and getting to know my audience, my contribution to this agency is helping clients know what is important to Alaska overall."

That combined experience inspires confidence in clients in that they can expect results from Bradley Reid, which, in turn, plants the seed for long-lasting trust and a growing relationship between clients and the agency.

Growing business through successful relationships

With those strengths top-of-mind for Bradley Reid, it's no wonder they chose First National Bank Alaska as their financial institution.

"We are a homegrown company and understand the importance of knowing our banker. That's why we choose to bank at First National," said Tracy. "We initially came to First National for a loan that required some creativity to make work. We didn't get the typical response of, 'We don't do that.' (Loan Officer) Jim McMillan said, 'Let's see if we can get it to work.' He made it work in a creative way, the same way we do with our clients."

Reinwand and Tracy say they are pleased with not only the initial loan they received from the bank, but also with the continued service and the growing relationship they share with their banker.

"The attention to detail and trust the bank has in us and we have in them has allowed us to advance this company in a way I don't know would have been possible with any other bank. We're able to bounce ideas off Jim and he is in constant contact. We hear from him every few weeks just to see how we are doing and to offer new services that might work for us," said Reinwand.

By working with a bank and a banker who value prosperous business relationships as much as they do, Tracy, Reinwand and the rest of the Bradley Reid staff can bring their philosophy on great customer service full circle - both as the business experts and as the customers.

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