Cully Wooden

As a 25-year resident of Cordova, Cully Wooden knows the unique challenges and opportunities local businesses face. That's because she knows her neighbors. And in a small community like this remote coastal town, everyone is your neighbor. "I've been involved in the community socially and professionally for so long that local business owners feel comfortable walking in and talking to me. They believe that I know enough about them that we can come up with the best banking service to suit their business," said Wooden. All her connections in Cordova began to form in 1985, when she moved there from California, looking for a great place to raise her new family. Wooden worked as a payroll clerk for a fishing company and then as a secretary for an Alaska Native Foundation, before deciding to try her hand in the banking industry. "I was shy growing up, so working with the public in the other fields before coming to First National helped me come out of my shell and become more confident." Wooden used her newfound confidence when she began her career at the bank in 1992 as a teller -- a position that required a lot of interaction with various people every day. She worked her way up to customer service representative, vault teller, operations assistant and into her current position as the branch's loan officer. Today, with 18 years of banking experience in Cordova under her belt, it's clear she understands how to help customers find the best banking solutions for their unique situations. "One thing many businesses in Cordova face is fluctuation from season to season, so knowing which banking tools will help them stay successful in both high and low seasons is important." To stay connected to her community, Wooden attends and participates in as many town activities as possible. She also sits on the board for the Cordova Electric Cooperative and is a member of Cordova's Disaster Animal Response Team (DART), which is prepared to set up temporary pet shelters in the event of a disaster. Wooden also enjoys air boating, spending time at her duck cabin and preparing for the joys of being a grandma for the first time.
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