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There are many facets to owning and maintaining a successful business. One aspect that can't be overlooked is employing the right banking tools. But as a business owner, how do you know which tools best suit your business? Your local, knowledgeable banker can help you decide. Local banking services First National Bank Alaska prides itself on helping grow Alaska's small businesses in all corners of the state. That's why we offer a variety of banking services to our business customers. Here are just a few you may find useful for your business, especially if you work in a remote community: Online banking -- A convenient, safe, and easy-to-use way to conduct business banking transactions over the Internet in real time. And it's free! Online flexibility and control can help make your business banking easier with these tools at your fingertips. Business Essential Online users have access to the following features and services:
  • Bill Pay - Pay invoices online.
  • Transfer funds between accounts.
  • Make loan payments online.
  • Free online check images - View front and back of checks.
  • Administrative control - Create, change and delete user access, function and security.
  • Full integration with bookkeeping software - Export data into financial tracking software such as Quicken®.
  • Issue stop payments on checks.
Business MasterCard -- Use this procurement credit card when you buy for your business to take advantage of sales and discounts while you're waiting for cash to come in. It's an easier way to pay when you purchase over the phone or the Internet. Monthly transaction reports help you monitor spending and track tax deductible expenses. Merchant services -- Payment from customers paying via point-of-sale terminals, money from sales is electronically transferred to your account, saving you check and cash handling fees. Our PC-Plus program allows you to process transactions on your personal computer, including automatic monthly charges. Remote Deposit Capture -- With Deposit Advantage, also known as remote deposit capture, businesses can scan checks and transmit the digital images to First National for credit to their account. Line of credit -- Meet working capital needs or bonding requirements without having to go through the application process each time with the help of a revolving line of credit. Frequent borrowers such as manufacturers, service companies and contractors use this loan. Collateral and Repayment terms are established on an annual basis and tailored to your needs. Business Loans -- From construction loans to renovate or expand your business to equipment loans to stay on the cutting edge of technology, First National has what you need to help your business grow. Local knowledge With so many great services available, it's important to work with an experienced banker who has the knowledge to help you choose exactly which ones will suit your business best. That's where First National's employees come in. With longtime bankers in 30 branches in 18 communities across Alaska, we understand your business's unique needs and will work face-to-face with you to help figure exactly which banking services will work for your company. Once you have selected the right banking tools, our friendly, local employees will walk you through the process from implementation to maintenance. Our dedication to making sure your business has the financial tools it needs is just one more example of First National's commitment to the success of Alaska businesses. For more information about how First National can help your business grow, call 777-4362 (4FNB) or 1-800-856-4362 (communities outside Anchorage).
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