Completing the process with Clover Mini

Point-of sale system manages cash flow and protects consumer financial data

Dr. Mike Orzechowski recently remodeled his entire practice. New carpeting, lobby furniture and fresh paint complemented nicely the daily work done by the veteran medical professional.

Orzechowski’s updated look included a Clover Mini from First National Bank Alaska and First Data. His practice is one of the first in Alaska to take advantage of the cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system.

With Clover Mini, the team of healthcare experts now efficiently manages cash flow and protects consumer financial data with best-in-class security and fraud protection.

“The technology of credit cards and the machines used to process transactions are changing, so we decided it was time to bring in something that would help us adapt and flourish,” said Janice Orzechowski, Dr. Mike Orzechowski & Associates’ office manager and Dr. Mike’s wife. “Clover Mini helped us smooth out some of the wrinkles of change in the healthcare industry.”

As more patients with High Deductible Health Care Plans visit, using Clover Mini allows Orzechowski’s practice to accept and process any payment type the patient and insurer choose – major credit cards, PIN or signature debit, and checks as well as Health Benefit Cards.

Clover Mini’s arrival also sparked the Orzechowski’s relationship with First National. The practice’s office is right down the street from the bank’s U-Med Branch in Anchorage. On nice days, it makes for a pleasant walk to get their banking needs met.

“Having a good bank backing you up just makes conducting business easier,” said Dr. Orzechowski. The match between Orzechowski and the bank is off to such a positive start, the doctor may begin hosting community health discussions at U-Med as soon as the spring. One of the first topics should center on making healthy choices to avoid work-place injury.

“I really believe in my community and my patients,” Orzechowski said. “So it only makes sense to work alongside First National and its ‘We Believe in Alaska’ slogan. We make a great team.”

Learn more about Clover Mini by calling First National Bank Alaska partner and First Data Business Consultant Shelbie Moring at 907-229-9396.