Profile: Melissa Reiser

Vice President/Commercial Lending, Anchorage

Melissa Reiser’s election to the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors in 2013 strengthened her standing in the local business community.

More specifically, Reiser’s willingness to diligently advance a successful climate for everyone plays nicely into her role as First National Bank Alaska’s healthcare-industry banking specialist.

“Offering solutions is what First National is all about,” Reiser said. “It’s my job to know better than anyone the emerging trends and regulatory changes affecting the industry, so my customers benefit from added value of first-rate knowledge in the decisions they make.”

Reiser is an active member of the Alaska Medical Group Management Association. She has attended national medical conferences and maintains strong relationships with many people at Alaska’s local practices, including Orthopedic Physicians Alaska.

Reiser helped OPA with the financing it needed for the current remodeling project at its Anchorage facility. OPA is within walking distance of Reiser’s office at the bank’s U-Med (University and Medical District) Branch.

“First National differentiates itself from the competition because we work and live in the same communities as our customers,” Reiser said. “We know what’s going on in your business’ neighborhood because we’re right next door.”

Reiser grew up in Anchorage's Muldoon area. As a child of military parents, she was destined for a mobile future.

So as a young career woman married to an Army officer, she knew she had to adapt, overcome and improvise in order to successfully transfer to and from several diverse locations across the United States – each with its unique local economy. Reiser gained a broad perspective on lending situations throughout the nation.

With a bachelor's degree in finance earned in 1997, Reiser started her professional career in New Mexico. She has been a lender in New York, Alabama, Fairbanks, and Texas. She has gained expertise in Small Business Association lending, land development and construction loans.

“The experience I gained from working with professionals in all parts of the country prepared me for the variety of business challenges Alaskans face,” Reiser said.

Contact Reiser today at or 907-777-3942.

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