Jay Page

Vice President - Anchorage

Vice President and Loan Officer Jay Page’s First National Bank Alaska career has spanned more than 35 years. From the onset, he’s built a multitude of healthy working relationships with his fellow Alaskans, including many with Alaska Natives and their corporations and businesses.

“Alaska is such a large place and many of my fellow Alaskans live in remote locations,” Page said. “But where they live doesn’t make their banking and financial needs any different from those in urban areas like Anchorage or Fairbanks.”

By attending the February 2016 National Interagency Community Reinvestment Conference in Los Angeles, Page planned to bring his expertise to others. He did so with designs on gaining more professional knowledge from like-minded banking experts.

“I’m hoping to learn more about new and innovative approaches to economic and community development,” Page said. “It’s my hope to further benefit our customers and Alaska as a whole.”

With so much experience at his disposal, Page can be trusted to do what’s right to meet your financial goals and needs.

“I take a genuine interest in each one of my customers,” Page said. “Sometimes it makes sense to buy equipment. Sometimes leasing is the best option. We figure out the best course of action by getting to know one another.”

Page regularly attends meetings of the Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference and other regional economic development organizations. He’s a popular First National “face” at countless charity events and is a huge supporter of Special Olympics Alaska.

When he’s not tirelessly meeting the financial needs of Alaskans, Page spends as much time as possible with his wife and four children. He’s also a huge fan of both the Seattle Mariners and Seattle Seahawks, and just happens to be the past and future president of the Midnight Sun Sea Hawkers fan club.

Contact Page (NMLS No. 685915) today at JPage@FNBAlaska.com or 907-777-5610.
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