Adam Sikorski

Trust and investment Officer, Anchorage

Speaking in front of a group of about 100 relatively-young professionals not long after he started working for First National, Investment Officer Adam Sikorski stressed the importance of working and living in the present while looking to the future.

As an investment management expert, it’s the advice he shares with all his customers.

“Not everyone readily understands the real potential of saving enough money to help make their retirement years more comfortable,” Sikorski said. “Sometimes emotions get in the way, but there is a definite methodology needed to get you where you want to go.”

An Alaskan from the Kenai Peninsula, Sikorski arrived at the bank in early 2016 with more than 13 years of financial services experience.

“To best meet the needs of anyone you work with, it’s imperative you get to know everything you possibly can about them,” Sikorski said. “It’s about more than annual household income or exactly where you want to be in 30 years.”

Sikorski’s relationship with Mark and Susan Krizer is a prime example of that trust. They shared an affinity for Alaska, especially the Kenai, and a wealth of mutual friends and connections. Once the trio began discussing the Krizers’ plans for retirement, Sikorski helped put them at ease.

“Adam was so professional and helped us create a very specific game plan,” Susan Krizer said.

Creating game plans is what Sikorski does best.

“I’m confident in my skill set and what we’re doing for our customers at First National,” Sikorski said. “We’re going to do everything we can to set you on a path to smooth sailing.” or 907-777-4561.