Matthew Anderson

Trust and investment Officer, Anchorage

Matthew Anderson describes his style of investment management as educational.

“Comprehending investment concepts can often be daunting,” Anderson said. “I want every customer to understand the how and why of the superior portfolios we build for them.”

Anderson brought his decades of Trust and investment knowledge with him when he joined First National Bank Alaska’s team in 2014. Born in Minnesota, he first arrived in Alaska as a teenager in 1986 and moved to the state permanently in 2004.

“I immediately fell in love with the place and hope to never leave,” Anderson said.

Anderson builds upon customers’ wants and needs by focusing on comprehensive financial management processes.

“No two customers are going to mirror one another,” Anderson said. “So asking the right questions is one of my biggest responsibilities. I must get to know everything about their goals and any issues that might concern them about their future.

“Once we know the direction of where we want to go, I help customize solutions to get the customers there.”

Anderson earned his law degree from Oregon’s Willamette University and also studied History and Economics at Portland State. His years of studying the financial markets and history prepared him to better understand the ins and outs of the market each and every day.

“Building plans that are stress tested for market worst-case scenario and still achieve written goals makes happy clients and provides successful inter-generational wealth transfers, long retirements and sound business successions,” Anderson said. “Yes, you have to be prepared for anything. But that’s why we work to communicate with our customers and make sure they understand every aspect of their specific investment plan.”

Contact Anderson today at or 907-777-4528.