Bill Renfrew

Bill Renfrew’s decades-long banking career was born out of his ability to create meaningful, lasting relationships.

As a young high schooler, the lifelong Alaskan worked in a small grocery store in downtown Anchorage. He stocked the shelves, made deliveries and did whatever was needed to get the job done.

Former First National Chairman and President D.H. Cuddy frequented the store because of its close proximity to the bank’s then-nearby headquarters.

“I’d often see Mr. Cuddy and one of those times, he told me to come see him if I ever wanted a job,” Renfrew said.

A few years later after finishing college and working for a while in the mining industry, Renfrew approached Cuddy to take the legendary banker up on his offer.

“He wondered what took me so long,” Renfrew said.

Renfrew learned the banking industry from Cuddy and many other bankers during those formative years. Today, his thorough understanding of what it means to meet customers’ needs has suited him well as a Senior Vice President and the bank’s Interior Alaska Regional Manager.

“You have to always be an advocate for your customers,” Renfrew said. “As banking has become more regulated, the one thing I’ve continued to do is to be someone our customers can count on.”

For the better part of the last decade, Renfrew has worked closely with the Alaska Rubber & Rigging Supply/Alaska Rubber Group (ARG) team. He’s been there to make sure the financial backing was in place so the company could become employee-owned and expand throughout Alaska and Washington.

“When (ARG President and CEO) Janeece Higgins first approached us, it was easy to see they had thoroughly analyzed and figured out what they wanted to do,” Renfrew said. “I recognized that these were smart, hard-working Alaskans right away.

“Our ability to do business with them was based primarily on how impressive they were in doing business.”

Specifically, Renfrew lauded the way Higgins and ARG prepared for each discussion, whether in person or over the phone. The company gave him and the bank specific plans that spoke to exactly what it needed to grow and expand its business.

“I’ve enjoyed my experience with ARG from the start,” Renfrew said. “It’s just one of the many relationships I’m proud to be part of after all these years with First National.”

Contact Renfrew (NMLS # 690159) today at or 907-459-7122.