Deposit Advantage

Make secure, convenient deposits from the office

With offices and shops in both Alaska and Washington, Alaska Rubber & Rigging Supply and the Alaska Rubber Group’s employee-owners are accustomed to keeping busy from open to close.

This is why ARG relies on First National Bank Alaska’s team of cash management experts to help expedite financial matters big and small throughout the day.

From direct deposit payroll to Deposit Advantage, the bank’s cash management services and products allow ARG to focus on making sure its customers have what they need.

“First National is here for us, we just kind of take it for granted,” ARG President and CEO Janeece Higgins said.

It’s time to take a closer look at First National’s Deposit Advantage. With it, businesses save time and money by making deposits from the convenience of their offices. They do so by scanning checks and transmitting digital images to the bank.

Here are some examples of how Deposit Advantage can help your business:


• Make deposits any time, day or night (those made after 8 p.m. post the next business day)

• Reduce risk of lost or stolen checks and deposits

• Reduce dependence on a transportation system that can be affected by weather and other delays

• Receive technical support from Alaskans with local experience and know-how

• Deposit, item query and deposit detail reports available in multiple formats (PDF, CSV, PDF with Images and Extract Images)

• Checks are automatically rotated if scanned upside down or sideways

• Administrators can view and approve the pending deposits of other users, such as deposits left in a “Suspended” or “Ready For Approval” state


• Easy-to-use single sign-on via the bank’s Business Online Banking system

• Small desktop scanner

• Scans 55 items per minute

• Internet Explorer compatible

• Internet connection required

Learn more about Deposit Advantage and other cash management tools by calling 777-4685 Anchorage/Eagle River or 1-800-856-4FNB other communities.

PHOTO CAPTION: Alaska Rubber Group's Chuck Cartier, Janeece Higgins and Scott Boyle (far right) rely on First National Bank Alaska Senior Vice President Bill Renfrew and other experts to provide cash management services and products like Deposit Advantage.