Statement Options


Reduce risk; save time, money and hassle

Receive your account statements electronically and save on your monthly service fee. With e-statements, youll receive an email notifying you that your e-statement is ready. You can then log into online banking and browse, print or archive any of your e-statements for the past 24 months* at your convenience.

E-statements include our standard online image statement, with five check images per sheet showing the fronts and backs of all checks processed during the statement period. These images are acceptable in court and by the IRS, all at no additional cost.

* Checking account statements accumulate from your enrollment in e-statements until you have 24 months available

Other options

Monthly service fees to receive paper check images vary by account

  • Paper Standard Check Images - Receive photocopied reproductions of the fronts of your checks with your paper statement 20 checks per page (10 per side) or 36 checks per page (18 each side) for $3 per month*
  • Paper Enhanced Check Images Receive photocopied reproductions of your checks with larger image sizes and/or including the backs of your checks for $5 per month*

* Charged each month, regardless of account balance or transaction activity.