Disbursing funds

Timely payments save money

Timely payments to your employees and to your vendors can save your business money. Make the most of early payment discounts, avoid late fees, and rest assured your employees will receive their paychecks on time. When you spend more efficiently and take advantage of discounts for prompt payment, you save money.

Direct deposit

Reduce the cost of producing, distributing and reconciling checks for each payroll by directly depositing payroll funds into employees' accounts on payday morning, regardless of where they bank.

Automated Clearinghouse

(ACH) Credit Origination

Cut your payment processing time and save money by using the ACH system. Transfer funds electronically between accounts at First National or almost any financial institution in the country. Use this service to make direct recurring payments to vendors, even if they use another bank.

Electronic federal tax payments

Pay your federal taxes electronically from the comfort and convenience of your own office. No writing checks, waiting in a bank teller line or worrying if your payment will be delivered on time.

Outgoing wire transfers

Electronically directed to a designated payment account immediately. Allows you to maximize earnings on your available balances and pay your bills and other expenses promptly.

Corporate MasterCard

First National Bank's Corporate MasterCard gives you greater flexibility by controlling the parameters of individual cardholder accounts. You may authorize individual employees to use the card for specific purposes like travel, equipment or entertaining clients. You may restrict where the card is used and how much credit to extend to each account. Tracking business expenses is a snap with the more than 160 reports available.

Procurement bankcard services

Use this business credit card when you buy for your business to have the flexibility to take advantage of sales and discounts while you're waiting for cash to come in.

It's an easier way to pay when your purchase is being made over the phone or the Internet. Monthly transaction reports help you monitor spending and track tax deductible expenses.

First National Bank BusinessCard Debit Card

Enjoy the convenience of a credit card without monthly payments or finance charges when you debit your business checking account.

Use the First National Bank BusinessCard debit card for your everyday business purchases and receive an itemized record of purchases and ATM transactions, including date, amount, and location where the card was used, all on your monthly business checking statement.

No need to use petty cash in your business. With the business debit card, you keep personal and business funds separate. And you can control employee spending by getting additional cards with pre-set spending limits for your employees. The card is accepted anywhere displaying the MasterCard sign -- that's more than 24 million locations around the world.