Rent collection

Rent collection made easy!

We take care of everything: payments, deposits, accounting, reports, even late payment reminders to your tenants.

When you sign up, the process is simple:

  • Provide First National with your tenants names, mailing addresses, property addresses, payment amounts, due dates and late charge information.
  • Your rental income is disbursed immediately to your First National deposit account.
  • Receive weekly and monthly reports showing income and payment status and a year-end recap report. You can even set up automatic late payment reminder notices.

Low cost

A one-time set-up fee is just $20 per unit, with an annual $65 fee. Disbursements to your First National deposit account are FREE.

An additional fee is charged for electronic funds transfer (EFT) to another financial institution. Cashiers checks can also be issued for an additional fee.

For more information about rent collection with First Nationals escrow program, call 907-777-3430 and speak with a knowledgeable Alaskan.