Business Manager Healthcare

Business Manager© Healthcare

Providers can improve cash flow, grow business, save time and money

What would your business do with the cash if it did not wait for insurance companies to pay? BusinessManager Healthcare is a safe and sound turnkey financing solution only offered by First National Bank Alaska. Healthcare professionals providing services and remedies to their patients often wait for payments from insurance companies and those very same patients. Not any longer! With First National Bank Alaska’s BusinessManager Healthcare, physicians and medical offices may receive payment for services rendered the very next day and keep cash coming in, even if claims are not paid immediately.

How it works

BusinessManager Healthcare enables businesses to receive cash for billed insurance and patient claims. By selling claims and invoices to First National, the business can have cash deposited directly into its checking account, typically the next banking day. Businesses still maintain control over the billing and collection process, but now there’s no more running to the mailbox worried about payments from insurance companies and agencies. Don’t miss out on opportunities to grow and expand while waiting for cash to come in. In addition, providers receive detailed cash management reports outlining critical information about receivables. This means inefficiencies can be analyzed and corrected before they zap profits. With BusinessManager, you can get back to building your business by spending less time collecting payments.

Key benefits

  • Improve cash flow
    Predictable cash flow can help with a growing payroll, provide opportunities for discounts with suppliers, and pursue new business opportunities including expansion. It also gives business owners peace of mind.
  • Grow your business
    Better cash flow and more time allows you to safely take the plentiful opportunities for growth. You’ll be able to buy new equipment, increase your staff, invest in marketing, offer new treatments or services and extend credit terms to patients who need a payment plan.
  • Save Money and Time
    Tired of spending three times as much to collect on patient responsibility balances? Outsource the process to a proven expert and re-allocate staff to other more profitable areas. In addition, you’ll most likely see a higher overall collection percentage and an improved customer experience.

  • To learn more about First National’s Business Manager and BusinessManager Healthcare visit or contact Tim Breeden (NMLS # 685916) at 777-5607 or 1-800-856-4FNB (4362) for communities outside Anchorage.